Every family faces challenges at different times in their lives.For a young mother who has walked through the challenge of a crisis pregnancy, who is learning to be a parent with only a little or fragmented support system around them, a difficult time can easily turn into a crisis when there is no one or nowhere to turn to.A crisis can then escalate into a child being at risk of abuse, neglect, or being separated from their parent and placed into the care system.

At Mother’s Choice, we have great hope that crisis can be turned into opportunity.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child.

But sometimes we need help to build that village around us.

With the launch of our newest program, Safe Families (家友媽咪), we are connecting new parents with friends in the community.

Over time, this friendship will naturally become a support network for mother and baby.

Friends come from all walks and all stages of life, each bringing something different to the relationship as they establish a sincere friendship and jointly open a new chapter of each other’s life.

Who are these friends?

They are compassionate volunteers from across our community who can see the courage, resilience, and unlimited potential of young mothers as they begin their parenting journey.

Circle of Support

The goal of Safe Families is for the mother and baby to stay together, with these new friends offering practical support and occasional babysitting, building trust and an authentic relationship – something many young parents may not have experienced before.

By building connections across communities, we will see children staying in families, mothers thriving in their new identity, families supported, and a community strengthened, transforming future generations with love, hope, and belonging.

Because no one can travel the lifelong journey of parenting alone.

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How may a Safe Families Volunteer support a new mother?

  • Building a strong relationship, listening and providing advice where needed.
  • Connecting to other resources including playgroups, mothers networks, churches, and activity groups.
  • Celebrate birthdays and holidays together.
  • Playing with children and providing occasional babysitting.
  • Understanding practical household needs, helping to access tangible items such as baby and food items.
  • Providing financial and budgeting guidance, supporting CV building and job applications.
  • Support when attending medical and social work appointments, and vaccinations.
  • Support children to build strong relationships with trusted adults.

In 2021, Mother’s Choice launched Safe Families in Hong Kong, joining over 150 Safe Families for Children locations across the world with a mission to surround families in need with caring, compassionate community, recognising that without support, these families may be at risk of family breakdown, their children at risk of abuse and neglect, eventually leading to children being placed in the residential care system.