Christmas Miracles – The Story of Hélène

My name is Hélène. Growing up, I always loved a new challenge and adventure. Having studied engineering in France, I worked for many years in investment banking in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. But eight years ago, when I heard that Mother’s Choice really needed to upgra … Continued

Christmas Miracles – The Story of Baby Oaklynn

Meet Oaklynn. She was born with serious medical challenges and her birth mother made a brave decision to choose adoption for her. For the last 4 years of her life in Hong Kong, she was lovingly cared for at Mother’s Choice. In this home, the staff and volunteers helped … Continued

This Thanksgiving, We Are So Grateful For You

This is the story of a city’s kindness to the most vulnerable in our community. In 2020, a social media post shared our urgent need for diapers. We were hopeful and placed plastic bins outside Child Care Home. The next day, the diapers started to arrive, and kept coming … Continued

Reaching Girls on the MTR

We are excited to share about our Pregnant Girls Services Hotline Campaign on the MTR aimed at reaching more of the girls in crisis who need us. Starting Friday, Sept 16th, and for the next two weeks, we will have 300 trackside ad panels across the entire MTR network. H … Continued

Thank You for Your Active Participation in “How to engage youth to talk about sexual health?” Online Workshop

The “How to engage youth to talk about sexual health?” online workshop under the Changing Life Stories Series has been successfully completed yesterday. We truly thank everyone for your active participation and the questions raised.  There are approximately 5400 cases o … Continued