This Christmas donate to our Child Care Home and give the most precious gift of all, hope to children waiting for a family.

Our “12 Days of Christmas” has been inspired by a beautiful quilt, crafted by a talented volunteer, which hangs inside Mother’s Choice.

Follow us on our social media as we reveal each day, the incredible impact your support has on the lives of children being looked after by our Children Services.


The First Day of Christmas – A Life Book

Every child who leaves our Child Care Home receives a personalized Life Book, capturing significant moments from their time in our care. These Life Books become cherished keepsakes for the children to remind them how well-loved they were at Mother’s Choice!

100% of your donation goes towards our Child Care Home making experiences like this possible for our children.

Click HERE to make a gift.

Thank you for bringing hope to Mother’s Choice and our children this holiday season!

Mother’s Choice relies on the Hong Kong government for only 25% of our funding, unlike other NGOs that may receive full financial support. It is this very reason that makes YOUR gift this Christmas so incredibly significant. Thank you for making a difference in their lives and helping us create a brighter future for them.


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