Hello, my name is Romy.

I have been working at Mother’s Choice for 8 years – the time has really flown by quickly. I’m now a House Mother of the Hostel for our Pregnant Girls Services. My job duty, simply put, is to live with the pregnant girls. Through actions and words, we guide them on how to take care of themselves, their health, their life, communicate with others, and to make a well-informed decision for their own, as well as navigate the ups and downs in life.

Working at Mother’s Choice, I realize I’m privileged to have a strong father figure as a role model, who shared a lot of life values with me. Many girls at our Hostel do not have a positive family figure, or even a family member to take care of them. Sometimes neither did their parents.

To them, our Hostel is a very important place. It’s their second home.

At the beginning of pregnancy, due to hormones, and no support from families and friends, they go through a lot emotionally and physically which is hard for them to handle. Here at our Hostel, we provide them with much-needed support. After all these years, it’s the first time they can go to sleep feeling safe. On average, these girls stay with us for 3 or 4 months. At the Hostel, it’s a time for them to recharge and re-organize their life, before they “re-enter” back into their lives.

When they come back to visit, we love to chat and catch-up. Some have even returned to do volunteer work for us. They share of the biggest moments of their life, and seek our advice and opinions.  Seeing them in a good place, I always feel so happy for them, because they have changed their life stories, with confidence and hope for a bright future!

“If I had not come to Mother’s Choice, I would probably still be playing around right now. I wouldn’t think about the future and would still behave like a lost teenager. Mother’s Choice feels like a friend, a family and a coach.” shared one of our girls.

Thank YOU for making miracles happen at Mother’s Choice.

This Christmas, become a miracle maker for Mother’s Choice.

Together, we #changelifestories – one girl at a time.

 All donations received in December will be dedicated to our Children Services.

To make a gift, please click HERE or go to www.motherschoice.org/en/donate/

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