My name is Hélène.

Growing up, I always loved a new challenge and adventure. Having studied engineering in France, I worked for many years in investment banking in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. But eight years ago, when I heard that Mother’s Choice really needed to upgrade their IT, I decided to leave that world behind and to volunteer my skills.

But boy was there a lot to do! They barely had any internet and their network was literally duct-taped together. And that is how I became their first-ever in-house IT staff.

Like many nonprofits, Mother’s Choice had spent very little on its infrastructure as these investments are often viewed as “administrative” costs. But in reality, the very things that make corporates strong, efficient and scalable are the same things that nonprofits also need… systems, processes and technology!

Eight years on, we have completely transformed our operations. We have a data-driven approach to addressing our client’s needs and measuring our impact and technology enables us to manage client data from anywhere, keeping us agile and efficient.

Today, I am the Chief Operating Officer for Mother’s Choice. I oversee our services as well as our operations. And for the last two years, I have also been a foster mother. All these past investments in building our capacity at Mother’s Choice all became very real – I still remember the first day when my family and I welcomed our very first little foster baby! What an amazing privilege to see our work come alive through the power of family!

Investing in our infrastructure and our people, has been a game changer for Mother’s Choice, and for the children, young girls and families whom we serve.

Thank YOU for making miracles happen at Mother’s Choice.

This Christmas, become a miracle maker for Mother’s Choice.

Together, we #changelifestories – one child at a time.

 All donations received in December will be dedicated to our Children Services.

To make a gift, please click HERE or go to

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