We believe that every girl deserves love and support, no matter her circumstances.  Mother’s Choice walk alongside young girls facing crisis pregnancy, because we know that there is no such thing as a hopeless case, and the biggest moments of crisis can become the biggest catalyst for change in our lives.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Barclays COVID-19 Relief Fund for making this video possible.

COVID-19 has had an impact on our Pregnant Girls Services, especially in the early part of 2020 where we saw a sharp increase in calls to our crisis hotline.  Conversely, it made it harder to introduce and bring girls into our hostel. We turned to technology to produce this video to give girls and their families a virtual tour of our facilities.

Our Pregnant Girls Services offers loving and non-judgmental support to pregnant teenagers.  Our goal is to empower each girl with comprehensive information on all the choices available to her (parenting, adoption, termination), and to equip her to face the future of her choice.  Our services include a crisis hotline, counselling, peer support, workshops and training, and residential hostel for girls needing a safe space to live during her pregnancy.  We work with each girl to develop an individual development plan, including (but not limited to) rehabilitation services, educational support, housing options, and a baby plan if she chooses self-parenting or adoption.




If you know someone who needs our help?

Refer her to Mother’s Choice by calling 2313 5678 or texting through Whatsapp at 5633 5678.  Or email us at bigsister@motherschoice.org.  More details at https://www.motherschoice.org/en/get-help/

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