When a girl asks Mother’s Choice for help, our first priority is to give her hope, tell her she is loved and valued, and equip her to face the future of her choice. This looks different for each of the 242 girls who we walked with this year, because we adapt our approach to the needs of each girl. BoBo’s story reminds us that we all need support from our friends and family when raising our children.

BoBo, a client of our Pregnant Girls Services

“When I was pregnant, I truly didn’t know if I had the support around me to care for a baby, so I thought adoption would be the best plan. But the moment she was born, I felt so much love, I didn’t think I could leave her. Mother’s Choice arranged for a Project Bridge family to care of my baby while I made my decision. I was nervous, but as I watched the Bridge Mom gently pick up my daughter, I knew she would be safe. Even so, my heart ached when she was carried away from me.

With support from my family, I realized I have what it takes to be a mother. I am so thankful to be living with our daughter now and am learning to be the best mom I can be. Our home is filled with so much joy as we raise my daughter together.”

Renata, Bridge Mom

“When we first met BoBo in the hospital, we could feel her pain. She desperately wanted to be a Mom, but she didn’t have the support she needed. My husband and I committed to caring for her baby in our own home so that BoBo and her family would have some time to get back on their feet.

During that time, BoBo came over regularly to learn how to take care of her baby, and I would always try to encourage her. One evening, after we put the baby to bed, she opened her arms, and we hugged and cried together for several minutes. We started as strangers who don’t speak the same language, but we will forever share a deep bond, because we love the same child.

This experience has made me so passionate about supporting young mothers – all we did was care for a baby for two months, but it gave this new family the time they needed to stay together. Saying goodbye to the baby was one of the hardest things we have ever done, but we will absolutely open our home again to do the same thing if it can help another child and their family.”

BoBo’s Mom, baby’s grandmother

“It is sad, painful, and heart wrenching to see your daughter face a crisis pregnancy. Some days, my heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to explode, but our social worker, was always there, even when I lost all hope. I don’t know how we could have walked through this journey without her support.

I am so thankful that Mother’s Choice connected us to a Bridge Family, who took such good care of my granddaughter. I want to thank everyone at Mother’s Choice from the bottom of my heart. Our granddaughter has brought such joy to our family, and we would not be so happy now without your help. My gratitude is beyond words.”

Connie, Social Worker

“For teenagers like BoBo, pregnancy brings overwhelming emotions of guilt, pain, and powerlessness. She desperately craved comfort and support from her family, and their loving commitment has transformed her life.

When BoBo’s parents made the decision to support her, I could see the change in them. They were sincere about bringing the baby home and establishing a full and loving support structure around her. They even decorated the baby’s room –they could finally be excited about welcoming the baby home.

Every new parent needs help and support, but teenage Moms like BoBo don’t often receive the love and forgiveness from their family that they need. When a parent steps into their daughter’s life in the midst of a storm, they lead them into a safe haven.”

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